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We specialize in custom built trailers for any type of business...   Food Carts  -  Mobile Bars  -  Coffee Carts - Specialty Stores - Photo Shops - Mobile DJ Booths  - Art Studio - Mobile Office

Business Opportunity!  Let us know what you need and we can build it for you.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you!

1965 Airstream Hot Dog Cart.  Full commercial grade kitchen including a stainless steel grill.  All Aluminum service hatches, curved to fit side and feature colorful awnings that attach over top of hatch.

1958 Aljo Bar Cart.  Started with a trailer previously gutted (perfect for conversion).  All oak interior, large service window added to side.  We reframe the walls to support openings such as this to insure trouble free use.



1960 Forester Bar Cart.  We found the trailer locally or a client in NY State, worked long distance to build her her perfect trailer and then shipped it to her.  Features hardwood butcher block counters and wood framed windows.  Service side has accordion windows, service door moved to left side. Custom made 12V LED lighting.



1973 Sprite Alpine - Food Service Cart.  We turned this British built trailer into a full service food cart including commercial refrigeration.  Trim is distressed wood including the custom barn style door, secure hatches as well as the accordion windows.

1964 Cardinal - Multi purpose trailer.  This trailer is designed for multiple purposes.  Mostly empty with custom made slat walls and fold down counters.  It's uses include a mobile photo booth, DJ booth or bar service

1955 Jewel - Mobile photo booth.  Interior is mostly empty with a simple bench across the back, allowing a variety of backdrops and props for photos.  Front cabinet for computer, display and a photo printer underneath.  Exterior retains the look of the classic Jewel camper.

We work with clients nationwide from start to finish on their project.  We start by discussing needs and develop plans with scale drawings before we start.  We will work with your local heath department to insure meeting local codes.  We can take your design ideas to reality.  We can provide samples of materials, and if needed we can aide in finding a trailer to work with.  We do all we can to help your business idea succeed!

Example of scale plan

We are not limited to only vintage trailers.  Have an idea using a classic truck or motor home?  Just let us know your ideas.  We can even handle mechanical issues in house.

We do not convert modern box trailers, containers or new vans however... we still only do vintage!


Below are some sketches of planned conversions on trailers we have in inventory.  Interested?  Let us know and we can customize them to your needs.

It's Martini Time!

We have a 1965 Falcon Trailer that I think would make a great mobile bar.  It would feature beautiful interior woodwork, two service windows and it's big enough for two or more bartenders to work at once.  Tall enough that even the tallest person can walk around without stooping.


This one is based on a 1964 Cardinal Deluxe (same size and shape as a Shasta Compact).  We can build this one turn key!  Buy it today and be in business tomorrow!


We have a previously gutted 1957 Aljo in stock, perfect for a conversion.  It's pink & white from the factory, I think leaving it pink would draw attention in a sea of food carts.  We could install a hot dog steamer and a drink cooler and ready to roll... as simple as a mobile hot dog cart but bigger and out of the elements.


OK, I enjoy a good cigar so I would love to build this one.  It's a 1947 Westwood Monticito with a classy art deco interior.  My concept is like a gentleman's lounge in a country club... beautiful hardwoods with leather seating.  The bedroom could be converted into a walk in humidor.  Kitchen converted into a small wet bar.  Air purifier system would be a must.   This one actually does not have to be a commercial unit... it could be the ULTIMATE MAN CAVE!  Fold down poker table and a big screen TV (on a lift from a cabinet) to watch the game.  One thing though, due to the style of construction and the expensive furnishings, this one could be a bit expensive to build.