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1962 Tepee, the one that started it all!  Now at the Starlite, click HERE to see it’s history!

Before and after pictures of one of our earliest restorations, a 1953 Terry Playmate.

1957 Siesta.  Not a bad trailer to start with but did have issues... Click HERE to see how we solved them.

Our first of many Shasta restorations... This one is a 1956 1400.

Taken from a big ugly white box this 1959 Lakewood now has a classic mobile home look.  Built for QVC, click HERE to see the interior.

A vintage homebuilt 1957 Teardrop was built to match a classic Hudson.

1963 Astrodome, not a common Shasta but still a cool camper... Sleeps eight!

1958 Shasta Airflyte, first year with wings.  Click HERE to see the restoration.

Another Shasta Airflyte, this one is a 1959.  Click HERE to see the interior.

1952 Rod & Reel.  Great little trailer, but the aluminum was ruined by salt air.  Click HERE to learn more about our polished skin.

This 1958 Corvette was previously restored but came in for new skin and paint.  Click HERE to see the surprise we found under the skin.

1964 Roadrunner.  Click HERE to see the restoration and the beautiful oak interior.

1957 Shasta we affectionately called “Mr. Blue”  Click HERE to see the complete rebuild.

1954 Va-Ka-Shun-Ette, built to match a restored Hudson.  Click HERE to see the extensive work required on this EBAY buy.

Buyer Beware!  1963 Aloha purchased on Ebay as restored.  Brush paint job and hidden damage was restored correctly for the disappointed buyer.

As seen in Newport Dunes, this 1956 Shasta was featured in newspapers nationwide.  Click HERE to see the transformation from a total wreck.

Want a complete custom built camper?  Click HERE to see what we did to this 1957 Mobile Scout.

1959 DeVille, one of our favorite brands.  Click HERE to find out why, see the restoration and our custom AC installation.

This is a 1948 home built with incredible craftsmanship.  Click HERE to see how we restored the masonite siding.

1957 Corvette trailer built with a hot rod theme... Click HERE to see it’s unique interior.

Yes, we can build concession trailers!  Click HERE to see how we converted this 1966 Airstream into a mobile hot dog grill.

Another beautiful Shasta, this one is a 19’ Deluxe with a full bathroom.

Known as “Sally” at the Starlite this 1962 Shasta did not need a full restore.  It was in remarkable shape for it's age.

We know Shasta trailers!  This 1956 model 1400 received a full ground up restoration.  Click HERE to see the “Madison County” floor.

Tiny at only 12’ this little 1956 Fireball  was built in a hot rod theme as well.  Click HERE to see the unique floor plan.

Rare 1960 Holiday House looks stock on the outside but click HERE to see the full custom interior that helped it win a 1st place award at the Palm Springs Modernism Show!

This 1962 Compact is the smallest trailer offered by Shasta but still has a king size bed and a bathroom... Click HERE to see how.

Click HERE to see how the use of color added a lot of style to this 1958 Shasta.

Damaged beyond use by a bear this 1959 Shasta was fully restored before being shipped to Oregon.  Click HERE for details.

You can’t go wrong with a vintage Aljoa/Aljo camper.  Click HERE to see all the beautiful wood work this 1958 Aljo offers.

White and red paint along with a bit of our polished aluminum really changed this 1968 Red Dale from a Plane Jane box.

1961 DeVille.  Interior features copper and real leather upholstery... Click HERE to see it!

1956 Yellowstone.  This trailer is a park model... designed to live in with a full bathroom and separate bedroom.  Click HERE to see it inside.

I had so much fun building this one.  With no way to restore the interior we custom built it into a Tiki lounge theme.  Click HERE to see the creativity offered at Retro Restoration.

As typical at Retro the new owner of this 1958 DeVille picked her own colors for the paint and interior trim.  Click HERE to see this great trailer.

The owner of this 1951 Terry Rambler designed her own interior, completely custom built but stayed period correct.  Click HERE to see the details.

Click HERE to see the restoration of this great 1956 Aljoa.  With the details we put into the interior its like stepping into the 50’s again.

A crystal chandelier in a camper?  At Retro we can build whatever you dream up.  Click HERE to see the full custom interior of this 1956 Traveleze.

Welcome to our Gallery of restorations.   These are just a sample of the many campers that we have restored.  We hope you take the time to browse the links on many featured below to see the details of what we do and hopefully get ideas of what you would like in your own vintage camper!  

Other than the AC a nice looking Shasta except the other side was in a wreck!  Click HERE to see how we saved this 1963 Shasta

One of our bone yard projects was selected by a client in CA, she then custom designed her own style of custom interior.  Click HERE to see what we did to this 1967 Roadrunner.

Shasta Makeover!!!  Click HERE to see what a little paint and polish can do to upgrade the looks of this little 1970 Shasta Compact.

Another Retro Restoration facelift.  New skin and paint really finished this nicely done 63 Play Mor.  Now the outside looks as nice as the inside.

Click HERE to see the extreme makeover on this 1966 Fireball and the serious structural surprise we discovered once we took it apart.

A well used but loved 72 Roadrunner gets a new lease on life.  Click HERE to see the total frame up rebuild.

Click HERE to see what a quick in and out of the shop facelift can do for your trailer like we did on this 1965 Terry Compass.

Even a "professionally" restored trailer can be misleading.  Restored by another shop previously, this 64 Shasta Deluxe was brought to us to do it right.  Click HERE to see the story.

You get what you pay for... well not always!  Click HERE to see what happened at another so called restoration shop before we salvaged what was left on this 1961 Serro Scotty.

This 1957 DeVille received a full custom build that the owners designed, a blend of vintage and modern.  Click HERE to see the transformation.

Dubbed Mrs Beasly by it's owner, this 1974 Red Dale had all the interior walls replaced and new skin, basically a facelift a little deeper than skin deep!

The owner of this 1964 Chinook did a beautiful job of restoring his trailer, but was intimidated by installing new skin.  Click HERE to see how we helped finish this cool project.

Sometimes buying a half finished project such as this 1962 Shasta Astrodome is not such a good deal.  Click HERE to see why.

A quick facelift with new skin and paint really freshened up this rare 1960 Manorette, named by the owner "Mid Century Maude"

Don't overlook what can be done with the less popular 60's model trailers.  Click HERE to see what we did to this 1968 Frolic

I'll never tire of restoring the 55-56-57 Shastas... Click HERE to see how we worked with the owner 3000 miles away!

This custom designed 1961 Traveleze was completely built from scratch.  Featuring many modern amenities, click HERE to see this amazing transformation.

The owner of this 1965  Airstream built her own custom interior but brought it to us for the exterior polish and new water, electrical and propane systems.  We can put the shine on your trailer!

This 26' Streamline was donated to the Starlite, so we did a complete renovation.  Now available for overnight lodging.  Click HERE to see the custom themed interior.

1948 Detroiter shipped to us from the east coast for a complete frame up restoration. Click HERE to see the custom antiqued interior.

Picked from our boneyard of projects this new owner of this 1962 Shasta Compact had us build it to their choice of colors. Click HERE to see the new custom interior.

We restore park models too, such as this 25' 1961 Lakewood Deluxe.  Restored to origianl design, click HERE to see the beautiful knotty pine interior.

Another Retro Facelift on this way cool 1959 Ideal.  Owner now has good bones to start with and will be finishing the interior once they get it home.

Beauty is sometimes only skin deep.  Starting with a nice looking "restored" trailer we found issues even we didn't expect.  Its a 1956 Dalton

Easy rebuild on a very nice 1962 Shasta Astrodome.  New skin and only a few damaged panels needed to be replaced.

1959 Aljo converted into a mobile cocktail lounge, the Cocktail Caravan.  The trailer had been previously gutted, perfect for a conversion.

Another mobile cocktail trailer.  We purchased this 1960 Forester to do the conversion for a client in New York state.

British built 1973 Sprite Alpine turned into food cart, the Love Pop Whimsical Treats and Inspired Eats.  All wood work is distressed beetle kill pine.

Another Fireball, this one a 1967.  Notice the bow in the roof before?  That's not supposed to be there.  Serious structural problems resolved and good as new now.

This 1956 DeVille came all the way from CA on broken springs!  After a frame up restore it is better than new now.

Turned over in a tornado, this 64 Cardinal was salvaged and turned into a photo shop.  We eliminated the big overhead bunk section.

1965 Avion features a gold wrapped exterior and a full custom interior in a rustic mountain cabin theme.  Featured in Vintage Camper Trailers magazine.  Click HERE to see inside.

This poor wreck of a 1955 Jewel was resurrected as the Beatnik Photo Camper.  See it in action at events in the Amarillo, TX area.  

1967 Scotty Hilander.  We replaced the plywood walls with framing, now it can have insulation and wiring, so it's better than it was new now!

Beatnik Photo Camper #2.  They've done so well with number 1 that they had us build another one, this one from a 1957 BelAire camper.

The owners of this 1959 Kenskill started restoring it themselves by gutting the interior, soon finding out they were over their heads. They brought us an empty shell and truckload of parts and had us finish it correctly.

Unusual 1958 DeVille called a Hunter, smaller than most DeVilles of the era.  Frame up restoration, refinished in the classic DeVille paint scheme.