Another popular brand of camper in the 60’s & 70’s are Roadrunners.  These are very well built trailers and typically used real oak paneling even into the 70’s.  The owner had this one sandblasted, a big no no as the results were all the dents shown in the photos above.

While it did not require total disassembly we did have to replace large areas of damaged wood before new insulation and new skin installed

Above left you can see how we matched the original oak finish, the closet is the original.  Above right we are almost finished... We added the “Roadrunner” arrow on the side, polished diamond quilted trim  by the front window like it had from the factory.  We did add an optional  rock guard to the front.  This pebble grained aluminum will not show dents and dings from rocks thrown up by the tow vehicle.

A little story about this one... The owner had brought the trailer to us from Montana.  We set the trailer up in the driveway on the day he was to pick it up a few weeks later.  I was disappointed when he just walked by it without a glance, until I realized he was looking around the shop for his trailer.   He had absolutely not recognized his own trailer out front., needless to say he was pleasantly surprised!