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1957 Belair

Earlier this year we restored this 1955 Jewel trailer into a mobile photo booth for the Beatnik Photo Camper in Amarillo, TX.  They have had so much success this summer they have ordered a second unit!  This time we are using a 1957 Belair (possibly Bellaire) trailer.

Interesting little trailer we are starting with.  We can find very little history with this brand, must have been a small Mom & Pop shop that built them for a short while.  Most noticeable was the lack of windows, it came from the factory with only four windows, counting the one in the door.  A little claustrophobic and cave like inside for my taste, but perfect for what we are doing.   Not very well built either, other than really nice cabinetry.   

The teardown begins...

Did I mention not a well built trailer when new?  Not much in the way of wood framing, and zero insulation, just a layer of foil paper.  Even the chassis is pretty skimpy.  The home made bumper sticking 4' off of the back had to go.

The original floor decking was too far gone to save, so all new framing and decking and new sheet vinyl flooring is laid.


Next is on to rebuilding the walls.

New walls are built and painted before installing them back on the trailer.  Next, the few cabinets in this photo shop were built, refinished and installed before enclosing the rest of the trailer.  While we love stained wood interiors, this client wanted a white interior for a neutral backing for photos.  Next step is to add the wiring, we are using LED puck lights in the ceiling, several outlets and a USB charge port.

After the wiring is completed, the trailer is insulated with a high grade polyisocyanurate insulation, followed by all new aluminum skin.

Almost done!  After a quick trip to the paint shop to add the yellow, all new moldings were installed, as well as the rebuilt door.  Note the embossed aluminum trim on the lower front and tail, duplicating as close as possible the trim originally on the trailer.  New tail lamps were installed, and the original glass beehive marker lights were rebuilt and installed.  Windows are now being restored with new glass, screens and gaskets and will be installed soon.